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March 2019
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First concert JYJ in Europe. JYJ in Barcelona
Sat Sep 24, 2011 11:23 am by susanne_uk
JYJ is doing their first Europe tour

The first concert of their tour will be on the 29th of Octobre in Poble Espanyol, Barcelona.

There are more information here:

You can buy your tickets here:

Is anyone else going to the concert? I'm going from Lonon!!
I have standing tickets, I think standing tickets are better than VIP ones, because you can dance with other fans and maybe you can touch JYJ!!

I'm so excited!

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Xiah Junsu’s ambiguous tweets to TVXQ’s Yunho concerns fans
Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:46 am by Hirin

JYJ Xiah Junsu’s recent series of ambiguous tweets have alarmed fans, as they may have been directed at TVXQ’s leader Yunho.

On December 6th, Xiah Junsu wrote on his Twitter, “Until now, I kept believing that it wasn’t true, I believed that (it) was the enemy of all five of us, but I guess it wasn’t really the enemy of all. To see that (they) expressed their gratitude to something I thought was both our enemies.. I guess a lot of things happened in the time we weren’t together. This is so tiring.”

He continued, “I keep wanting to think, hear, and see only good things, but it’s very hard to do that today. Even though we’ve been apart, you know that wasn’t right, hyung. We thought the same. Why are you being like this.”

In TVXQ’s ‘Thanks to’ section of their new album, Yunho expressed his gratitude towards SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man. Yunho also wrote, “Lastly~ You’ve been waiting a long time, right? Our Cassiopeia! I’m really really thankful that you waited for us to spring back. I heard this somewhere, but I heard it’s best to rest a bit before climbing a wider and taller mountain! Everyone~ Should we all hold each others’ hands tightly and climb up together? I’m so thankful, and thankful once more~ Lastly Changmin-ah~ You’d know even if I don’t say it, right? I love you! I get so much strength when you’re next to me. Should we show them how much we’ve grown? Okay! TVXQ’s second coming starts now!”

Additionally, Jaejoong was noted to have also changed his Twitter profile description to, “You keep your head up and keep an open mind”, and he tweeted, “I’m just hoping to be. I close my eyes, ears.” Many are speculating that these words were in reference to TVXQ’s comeback title track, “Keep Your Head Down.”

Source: Newsen
(i took this from Allkpop so credit goes to them too)


This makes me kinda confused as i just as Junsu …

[ Full reading ]
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Why didn’t HoMin participate in lawsuit?
Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:25 pm by Sachie
this is PURELY based on a fan’s thoughts but i find this article VERY convincing and i just want all u cassies out there to take a look at it…

Ok now that I’m satsified after dinner, I shall present my first formal “train of thought”
From the time of the DBSK lawsuit quest against SME, the question that has been at the back of my mind until now is

Why did HoMin (Yunho and Changmin) stay in SME?
At first, I was really upset due to the fact that HoMin didn’t join the other 3 in the lawsuit. If they joined wouldn’t DBSK still be together? If they joined they would be all happy coz they can be together. If they joined, we as fans won’t have to worry our brains out whether they will disband or not. IF IF IF…… Seriously, I think after half a year of pulling my hair out, crying until my eyes hurt, getting moody for no reason because I was always worrying about DBSK, I finally woke up from my narrow minded IFS. Well what IF there is a reason behind HoMin’s decision? What IF HoMin stayed for DBSK’s future in the long run? What IF there are things they can’t tell us at the moment? I went back to watch their clips, interviews, shows again and realised how foolish I was. You know, sometimes you’ll think that it’s impossible to fool yourself but it turns out to be easiest thing of all!!!
Let’s trace our mind back to the time when DBSK told us to not trust everything we hear but only trust what comes from their mouths. They said that there are things which they can’t tell us now. The only things I’ve heard from their mouths are “let’s wait” “keep the faith”, etc Now after blabbing on for so long, I shall just get into the details.

[ Full reading ]
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[Fanaccount] 101116 Review Of First Hearing On Tuesday November 16th, 2010
Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:03 pm by Sachie
Time and Date: Tuesday November 16th, 2010. 10:00 AM
Location: Seoul District Courts
Counsel: JYJ (Sejong), SM (YulChon / JiPyungJiSeong)
Content of Lawsuit:

▼JYJ’s new lawsuit begun after their objection to SM’s lawsuit

Before the review of the hearing

  • I, who wrote this review of the hearing, am a fan of JYJ. I have written this review in the perspective of a JYJ fan.
  • Everything that has occurred between JYJ and SM is because of an unlawful 13-year contract, SM’s unfair exploitation of their authority by putting all responsibility of compensation on JYJ if the contract is terminated, and an unfair income distribution.
  • Bringing in Crebeau Cosmetics as the main reason for the lawsuit is nothing more than one of SM’s dirty tricks.
  • I originally had no plans of writing a review. I have always believed in and respected the decisions made by the members of JYJ. However, the reason I have decided to change my mind is because I believe this is the least I can do against the unprincipled actions of those who control the media with their lies and falsities.
  • This review can only be re-posted in sites that support and believe in JYJ.

1. SM’s Stance
※SM was unable to submit a portion of their evidence during the hearing. Though they complete all evidence submission beforehand, they had to resubmit a portion of their documents due to a change in the number code on the documents. If evidence is submitted the day before the hearing, it is impossible for it to be delivered to the presiding judge on the day of the hearing. Therefore, some of the points SM makes are points with content, but no evidence.
(1) Background of the Case

  • The problem arose when JYJ submitted their injunction and left TVXQ in July, 2009. This was when SM’s years of efforts began to return in the form of profit.
  • Before May, 2009, JYJ never raised an issue regarding the contract to SM.
  • SM was the one who approached JYJ …

[ Full reading ]
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DBSK’s fans protest against SM Entertainment
Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:37 pm by Sachie

^ fans are blocking the roads near SM building
The three members os DBSK and the lawyer have been in contact discussing this issue for over 2 months now.
They tried to negotiate a deal with SM Entertainment to resolve this issue in the best way possible but they could not reach an agreement. SM admited that there has been some disagreement between them and DBSK recently but they are shocked that DBSK took the issue to court. Now fans are scared because DBSK could disband.
After DBSK’s Chinese fans joined the fan panic, korean Cassiopeians are really showing they’re potest against SM ent. .

Credits: 5bluebird

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“Goongumta” talks about parallel theory of HOT-TVXQ… ‘Interesting’
Mon Nov 01, 2010 4:09 pm by Sachie
Seoul, Korea – An idea that the groups HOT and TVXQ, two idol groups who represent Korea, are going on parallel paths has gained attention.

The entertainment channel Y-Star’s popular program Goongumta compared the similar paths taken by the two idol groups.

First off, the activity period of HOT, who debuted in 1996, and TVXQ, who debuted ten years later in 2006, is very similar. HOT separated after 5 years together and 10 years later, TVXQ have gone their separate ways after 5 years together. Also, after separating, Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony An, and Lee Jae Won formed the group JTL, using their initials as their names. TVXQ’s Hero Jae Joong, Mickey Yoo Chun, and Xiah Jun Soo have formed a trio called JYJ.

Goongumta, along with finding common traits among the two groups to back up their parallel theory, will also dig through the groups’ debut years, activity period, activity concept and other evidence to prove their parallel theory.

Also, they will feature JYJ’s successful showcase on location along with a revealing interview made with the group.

Meanwhile, the episode of Goongumta dealing with the parallel theory of HOT and TVXQ will air on the 21stat 10pm on Y-Star.

By Cheon Gyeong Jin (idsoft3@reviewstar.net)

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Timothy Nam / Korea.com

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TVXQ's Contract Translated: A Very Sad Sight
Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:26 am by Sachie

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SM Entertainment files injunction against sale of JYJ’s “The Beginning” album
Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:44 am by Sachie
With JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu preparing to release their first official album, “The Beginning,” a law firm representative has just revealed that SM Entertainment filed an injunction against the trio, prohibiting the sale of the album.

The sale of JYJ’s first album is now left entirely in the hands of the court. However, since it will take a considerable amount of time before a decision is made, it’s highly likely that the album will be released onto the market first.

The reason behind SM Entertainment’s restraining order is said to be found in the problems still remaining in their contracts. It has already been over a year since the three filed a lawsuit against SME and began walking a separate path on their own.

“The Beginning” is to be distributed by Warner Music Korea. Stay tuned for updates on this breaking story.

Source: Star News
Credit: allkpop

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[Trans] 100917 AVEX CSO Chiba Twitter Update
Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:21 am by Sachie
- Translation of Chiba’s twitter from the original Japanese entries -
(read from bottom to top)

Everything was my fault since I was in charge for it and for me being powerless. I feel that it should have been handled with more care. I am reflecting back and am feeling as a love that has ended. I am really sorry. But I will cling on and won’t give up on Tohoshinki to restart their activities. Without any stop I will work hard. Bye, I am very sorry.
I don’t know what to answer to the question ‘why did you get dumped’ for I am the one that got dumped. All I can say is that I didn’t have enough attractiveness. More over when Baek-san seems to be more appealing. I am feeling sorry that I couldn’t answer to your hopes. I will try harder to shine the company and myself.
I was powerless. I am sorry. And I feel bad for everyone who saw this a little bit. I believe that it would be rude if I tweeted about this on twitter so I stopped. They have done nothing wrong. But the people they chose are people we can’t have a relationship with. And we were dumped. By them that we love.

credit: Chiba twitter
trans: Rieko@sharingyoochun

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