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February 2019
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 Song Yujin’s Supports to Tohoshinki [011710]

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PostSubject: Song Yujin’s Supports to Tohoshinki [011710]   Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:16 pm

(TRANS) Song Yujin’s Supports to Tohoshinki [011710]

T/N: Song Yujin, born March 1, 1969. Origin, Korea. He states himself as a culture broadcaster and entertainer. He appears in some Japanese CS programs as a commentator for Korean pops and dramas, and he is also a writer for some Japanese women’s magazines. He has been continuously supporting Tohoshinki, please click here for one of his activities, the "300,000 videos to cheer up Tohoshinki" project.

2010-01-12 00:03:55

Submitting a Petition from Tohoshinki fans!!!

Since there seems difficulties for the discussions between Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment…
I have planned the following project.

(few sentences omitted)

The fans would start to worry when individual activities should increase.
So I thought about writing to the government.
Please refer to the following.
I am awaiting everyone’s participation!

We will submit a petition from Tohoshinki fans.

I have a chance to meet a person related to the Korean government, and I plan to ask him for his help, so that Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment can hold direct discussions.
I thought about doing this on my own, but I wanted to convey all the fans feelings, too, so I decided to collect your comments.
I have planned this in order to support Tohoshinki so that they can do the activities that they really want to do.
I will inform you of the results later.

(few sentences omitted)


(few sentences omitted)

We will accept your comments in Korean and Japanese.

(few sentences omitted)

I will be asking for their aid in order to enable the deep discussion between Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment. I am not asking any further. Please write about Tohoshinki’s contribution for spreading the Korean culture to Japan, and that they are a necessity and indispensable to Japan as a Korean artist.

(few sentences omitted)

Please appeal Tohoshinki’s existence for the cultural point of view.

The person is fluent in Japanese. Please be reassured, your Japanese messages will reach their hearts. According to the reason written as above, this project is intended for people living in Japan.

T/N: Since this project is only for those who live in Japan, I had thought twice or three times before introducing this news to our English speaking friends. However, I wanted to inform you of all the supporting projects currently going on in Japan, so I made this article. (Please be kind and considerate towards Mr. Song, who is putting much efforts in order to support Tohoshinki. Also, no bashing of SM Entertainment please, I have not written this article to raise talks. Thank you.)
I hope that the petition project will be of a success, I will again make an article when the project proceeds.

Source: Song Yujin’s Private blog & “Keep our 5 stars TVXQ!” @ wiki
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

TVXQ’s ‘Best Selection 2010′ album art released! [011310]

The pics are pretty but it also gives a distant feel xO

For all of you TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki fans waiting for some good news, the album art for their next Japanese album has been released. But before you go head over heels on this one, I’ll give you an early notice that this album will not have any new songs.
Set to be released on February 17, TVXQ’s ‘Best Selection 2010’ will be a compilation album of their best Japanese hits. According to YesAsia, this album will contain several of their Japanese hit singles, including ‘Purple Line,’ which was their first #1 hit single in Japan.
As for the album art, although the TVXQ boys do look just as amazing as ever in these pictures, due to the spacing of each individual member they look very distant with one another. But then again, maybe it’s all the TVXQ controversies getting to me. Well, until they come out with another new full album, this is the best we’ve got.
You can pre-order the album at YesAsia.

Xiah Junsu crashes servers [011310]

haha, that was to be expected~
wish there could be released footage of this musical for those of us who can't attend xO

TVXQ member Xiah Junsu, who was cast for the upcoming musical “Mozart!” crashed ticket servers due to high demand and traffic.
Once again, we are able to feel the sheer amount of power TVXQ members possess. Ticket servers went live on the 13th at 2PM and immediately crashed due to the rush of fan girls fighting for tickets and of course mashing F5.
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Song Yujin’s Supports to Tohoshinki [011710]
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