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 SMEs Public Relations gone senile

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PostSubject: SMEs Public Relations gone senile   Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:55 pm

The inspiration for SNSD and main reason for SNSD to be in the business to this day.

It's not a pleasure for us to have to document on the sad mental demise of a few people working in an important section of an Entertainment company, but that truly seems to be the case with our beloved SM Entertainment.

Our last article highlighted "Delusionality at it's best", yet I do think when it comes to SNSD, that's always something they continue to outdo, be it with fans, the idols or the management company.

Recently, it has come to my attention, some internationally based articles about SM Entertainments sudden and miraculous jump out of the "Deficit pool". Dare I go back and link you to the prior article we concentrated on SM and their deficit. Now, since we know that SM at the end of last year had a 1.6 billion Won, deficit they managed to "make" around 2.8 billion Won, in this years first quarter.

When I actually looked over the so called articles that document that "SNSD was behind SM jumping out of deficit", I couldn’t help but further pity SNSDs fans, as they obviously have been fooled once again. Hilariously, might I add.

Let's get down to business shall we?

Just to prove my case I'm going to use the very sources that made out that SNSD were the heroes of SM Entertainment and their Board of Directors.

Why don't we start with the article that was used as a "source"... (Click for source)

One English article baffled me by their use of withholding information in delivering the news in a way that ultimately benefits SNSD. So much so, that I have full confidence in them having a worthy place in the crooked Public Relations department of SME.

Quote :

SM엔터테인먼트는 2009년 1분기 순이익이 28억400만원으로 전년동기 1억7000만원 적자에서 흑자 전환했다고 14일 분기보고서를 통해 밝혔다.

분기보고서에 따르면 1분기 SM엔터테인먼트의 매출액은 144억이며 영업이익은 18억2000만원을 기록했다. 이는 창사 이래 최대 규모로 지난해 상반기 매출액인 169억원에 버금가는 수치다.

Now here is the translation, which apparently is not according to an international source that is snidely turning the news in to something it is not:

Quote :
SM entertainment recorded for their first quarter, a Net Profit 2.8 billion won in 2009, compared to last years deficit of 170million at the same time, it was reported on the 14th.

According to the reports of the First Quarter, SM tallied first quarter sales of 14.4 Billion and operating income of 1.82 billion. This is the largest since the first half of last year.

Basic Business knowledge, especially of the stock market, can tell you that it is not wise to conclude in the First Quarter whether a company is in or out of deficit. That is what the Annual Accounts are there to determine. In fact in neither of the Articles in their Native Korean did it mention that SME has been lifted out of the red, in fact they are simply announcing the data available to them from the 14th of May about the First Quarter accounts.

Why is it not smart to even mention that a company is in the black after First Quarter earnings are announced?

Mostly since there are more expenses to be made and an entire three quarters left. That isn’t even a rookie mistake for anyone taking business, but simply an extremely misinformed and ignorant remark. For anyone to state that and to make out that SNSD were the sole contributors to SM coming out of deficit, is just too stupid for words. I really tried to get my head around it, truly. What people like that are doing is making fools of themselves and others, and it disgusts me, mostly because, they are either

  • a. Wilfully supplying false information for their own benefit.

  • b. Making comments and writing articles when they don't know what they're even talking about.

This seems to be very common in the SNSD fandom, internationally and Nationally. Making ludicrous claims and forcing others to believe them by claiming their sources, but not actually sourcing them. That, or, sourcing them and releasing incorrect information.

The Korean article also mentioned that SNSD made a substantial contribution to the Revenue but are not the sole reason for it. This all goes back to my previous article that makes clear that SM are using any opportunity to make their girls look like they are being accepted by the Public again. Their constant insistence, is surely evidence that it is not working.

For instance, look at the figures quoted above. 14.4 billion Won is their Sales before taking anything out. That does not simply mean its SNSD on their own. The article also speaks about their appearances on shows, their CFs, their wins on MuBank and appearances in Events. Now, of the 35+ artists on the SM roster, can you honestly say that they are the only ones doing that? Also, can you say that SNSD were invited due to their popularity or by SMEs insistence?

(Take Note: 14.4billion Won is the Revenue, thus the amount of money they got from Sales... Before taxes, before operating costs, and all those other expenses, it magically dwindles down to 2.8Billion won. Um... Where did all that money go then? If anything, this further proves STANDs theories of the fabricated "Gee Craze" and forced propaganda, after all the articles made no mention of any additional costs SM had to make. Do your own math and you'll see what I mean.)

Back on track, now let's take a few cases to explain my point.

Variety Show Appearances
  • Infinity Challenge: You need to have a sharp eye and ear to get this one. Unfortunately, due to my love for MC Yoo and co, I did live through this episode. To determine someone’s popularity, they are usually invited to all the top programs correct? Key word: invited. If you watch the first half of the show with Park MyungSoos talk show segment, where you first are introduced to SNSD, there is a piece of dialogue that is quite telling.

    Park MyungSoo tries to "tame" the girls and declares his authority by stating that they invited SNSD, but then MC Yoo cuts in and states:
    Quote :
    They called us.

    They are in the SM 'EverySing' NoraeBang. Watch the rest for the following mentions.

  • Gold Miss. This one was particularly funny to watch. Due to the obvious nature of the SM participation. Not only do you see the SNSD girls meeting with the 3 Gold Misses in SMEs NoraeBang "EverySing", but you see them in the training rooms of SM, using the same set as the girls did in the "Gee" music video, and even SHINee make an appearance in their Gold Miss parody version of "Gee".

  • Come to Play. I find it funny that for that show, SNSDs presence alone was not enough to pull in viewers ("But the Gee craze" SNSD fans wail), and organisers had to pull in Kara to get people watching. Funny that DBSK were invited alone, no? Because apparently DBSK aren’t as noteworthy as SNSD [/sarcasm/roll eye combo]

There is though, no better indication of someone’s popularity, but for having their own Variety show and it becoming a success. And that's where we go in to SNSDs 'Horror Factory' show and its unbelievable record breaking nature.

SNSDs Horror Factory
We've previously documented on the ultimate horror of horrors for any Broadcasting company, and that is the record of lowest ever ratings for usually popular Sunday Night Variety programs. When SNSD were introduced to the line up of MBCs "Sunday Sunday Night", they recorded a first week rating of 3.3. That wasn't simply the case though, but in an attempt to bump up the ratings for the SNSD segment of the show, a press release was issued to document that Tiffany and SeoHyun were going to have a pillow fight. How tasteful.

Did that help the ratings?

According to some SNSD fans it did...
Quote :
일요일일요일밤에1부 (Sunday Sunday Night Part 1) – Quiz Prince – MBC 3.1 % (TNS Nationwide)
일요일일요일밤에2부 (Sunday Sunday Night Part 2) – Horror Factory, WGM – MBC 6.7 % (TNS Nationwide)
Source: newsen

So apparently, if we were to take that piece of news simply on face value, it declares that. Although previously WGM had its own part alone, thus a longer running time, this week SNSD were added with WGM.

Yet, if you click on the source link, the Korean clearly states that SNSD Horror Factory and Quiz Prince were still regarded as a part of Part 1. So... the facts are that not only was 3.3 record breaking, but it continued to break records by dropping to 3.1%. And how nice of the SNSD
fans to once again spread false information.

newsen wrote:

'우리 결혼했어요' 뿐 아닌 '일요일 일요일 밤에'의 시청률 위기는 계속됐다. 소녀시대, 신동엽 등을 투입하며 대수술을 단행한 '일요일 일요일 밤에' 였지만 저조한 시청률 행진은 마찬가지였다. '일요일 일요일 밤에' 1부는 3.1%의 시청률을 보였다. 지난주 3.3%보다 낮아진 수치. 대대적인 포맷 변경에도 불구, 지난주에 비해 1,2부 모두 시청률이 소폭 하락한 것이다.

Thus, despite trying to get to their key demographic (perverts in every way shape or form), they incidentally dropped viewers. The Korean quoted mentions that despite the embarrassing ratings last week of 3.3, the ratings continued to drop, despite reformatting the sections. SNSDs show is still a part of Shin DongYups line up of "Quiz Prince", whoever is spreading that list either made a mistake or is blatantly lying.

Let's not even get in to Kwon SangWoo begging and bribing viewers to watch "Cinderella Man", the drama that Yoona of SNSD has a lead role in. And is suffering from incredibly low ratings, despite the HallYu star power of Mr. Kwon.

In regards to CFs, you have to take in to account what is being marketed, how it is being marketed, and the success of the product. Last time I checked, SNSDs main CF is Nexon. Why Nexon? Because Nexon employs all the girls, and occasionally provides CFs with all of them in it. Nexon’s target audience is similar to SNSDs, young boys and old men, why is it then, when SNSDs voices are used for narration (or whatever that was), available in a game that SNSD promotes, that only around 150 people used that function? (Give or take a few).

We cant ignore the hilarity of the Music Bank wins, this article should clearly state the reasons why, and this article should show how badly it was done.

It's really quite funny how SNSD (including their poor fans) and SM use those points as something blag-worthy. Furthermore, all of SMEs artists have plenty of CFs, if that is ever a factor to determine ones popularity. Try ARa, and that does not include the other Idol stars, she does more CFs than actual gigs, and features in more photo shoots than the SNSD girls. Just because an artists activities are not constantly documented on, tirelessly, does not mean that they do not do anything. Do not be fooled because SNSD fans translate every single article there is, only beneficial ones mind you. That also includes videos too, SNSD fans have previously deleted videos to hide the fact that their girls aren’t wanted *cough* Music Core*cough*. In addition, even when they do "translate" them, you may find that they are not always accurate.

SNSD fans, neutrals and Antis alike, should always be wary of mistranslations. Some sites take advantage of the number of people who do not speak Korean and feed them lies to benefit them and/or their idols. Feel free to do your own research.

So, point here? Don’t believe everything your fed, clearly there are some horrible places to get accurate information about Kpop. It's not bad enough that there are a lot of deceiving paid off articles in the Korean Media alone.

Credits: Bento_Box @ STAND
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PostSubject: Re: SMEs Public Relations gone senile   Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:04 pm

this just ruined my day more!!!
AARRRGGHH!!! Evil or Very Mad
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SMEs Public Relations gone senile
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