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November 2018
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 World War III: Attack Of The Cassies

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Tammy <3 DBSK


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PostSubject: World War III: Attack Of The Cassies   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:34 pm

By Navi @ winglin.net

Seoul, South Korea
9:34 pm.
Unknown Warehouse…

“Got the secret weapon?”

The figure cloaked in completely black clothes nodded and dumped the contents on the table. A strong smell filled the room as some of the occupants squeaked and stepped back, covering their nose. The leader nodded with a proud smirk, ignoring the way the others backed away from the table that had now been covered with loads of garlic just like the leader had requested.

“Purrrfect” she cackled as she leaned back against her large leader chair. The small group surrounding her watched her with a raised eyebrow before they grinned as well.

SME had no idea what they had coming.

Seoul, South Korea
10:30 pm.
A Bigger Warehouse…

Navi stepped out onto the platform and glanced over at the seemingly millions seas of red, glow sticks raised high in the air. Her heart pounded as she grinned brightly and looked over her shoulder at her sister, Nikki who stared at the amount of troops standing just inside the warehouse and some even outside the warehouse in the harsh rain.

Their leader, Ji Na strode out of the backroom and stood in front of the troops with a determined look in her eyes. Her right hand troops stood behind her with their bazookas and ropes ready for anything, Alina, Trisha, Donnie and May stood beside the two sisters who just stared at the amount of people below them. “We can not stay silent any longer!” Ji Na shouted with a raised fist as the people down below cheered in agreement, “We must make our stand for our boys! WE MUST FIGHT FOR DONG BANG SHIN KI!” she yelled as the cheers grew louder.

The troops behind her covered their ears and winced at the shouts. Dedicated fans sure had big lungs.


Seoul, South Korea
10:54 pm.
SME Korean Headquarters

“It looks like those blasted fans gave up” muttered a tall man from the window as he glanced out the window to look below at the rain filled empty streets and saw not a single Cassie standing there protesting like they had quite some time ago. Lee Soo Man cackled from his seat behind his big, wooden desk as he leaned on his elbows with an evil smirk on his lips.

“Of course. Those idiots wouldn’t last long…they will get over this lawsuit in no time and come straight back to us” he said with a greasy grin as the tall man laughed out loud in agreement. All they had to do now is get this lawsuit over with and continue on with their money making. Losing three idols wasn’t a big deal. They could always replace them anyway.


The floor shook violently as awards hung on the walls fell and shattered, books toppled off the bookshelves, the potted plants tumbled over making a mess and the two men in the room paled and quickly moved away from harm’s way. The violent quake quickly subsided as the window cracked under the pressure of the attack. Suddenly the door burst open to reveal the secretary as she quickly rushed over to check if her boss was fine, “What happened?” the other man asked with wide eyes.

The secretary swallowed, “A missile just hit the second floor.”

Lee Soo Man blinked, “What? A missile?! How?!” he asked with wide, frightened eyes. The secretary trembled and muttered a soft apology before the two men just brushed past her and headed out the door towards the second floor.

The sight that greeted them was much worse than they had hoped.

A large missile sat in the middle of one of their conference rooms. Painted red and had the large ‘TVXQ HWAITING’ painted in Hangeul on the side. Soo Man edged closer to the dangerous weapon as he noticed a note stuck on the tip of the large object; everyone held their breaths as he grasped the flimsy piece of paper. He pulled it off and froze.

Nothing happened.

He let out a breath as his some of his workers had fainted in shock. He frowned and flipped open the lovely decorated note and read its contents.

Dear Mr. Lee Soo Man

Let TVXQ stay together.
Listen to their demands.

And you live.

The Cassiopeians. ♥️

Soo Man stared. Blinked once, twice and tossed the note over his shoulder with a snort. The remaining workers stared at him with wide eyes, “Those pathetic fans think they can defeat me” he said with a wicked grin as he threw his head back and laughed like a evil scientist right out of movie.

Some of the others looked at each other and quickly ran away, grabbing whatever they can and fleeing from the scene. They did not want to die in the hands of those Cassies. They had seen what they are capable of.

And these guys had families to get back to.

Lee Soo Man did not realize that he had been abandoned by mostly half his employees because he was far too busy laughing like a psychopath. And he had not ever noticed the series of angry glares sent his way from the roof of the next door building.

Seoul, South Korea
11: 08 pm.
Outside SME Headquarters…

The leader scowled as she tossed her binoculars over the ledge of the roof, which had hit a poor ex-employee of SME and knocked him out unconscious. “Looks like we have to go on to Plan B”

“You don’t mean…”

“Yes. Commence….PLAN Stop the Evil Company from Destroying Our Boy Band!”


“You’ve could’ve made a better name for it”


The troops nodded as they pulled out their ‘Kim-Possible-Like-Hairdryer-Hook-Things’ and shot them towards the SME building before they swung over like Spiderman and broke through the glass on four different floors. Ji Na cackled to herself as she glared at Lee Soo Man who didn’t even bother to move from his spot by the missile.

“I will make you pay, old man!”

She pulled out a bazooka filled with her precious garlic and aimed at the laughing rich man. She grinned as she pulled the trigger, watching as hordes of garlic flew in the far distance and hit the man straight on as he was knocked out his feet and knocked out by the smell in seconds. She pulled out her walkie talkie, “Collect the bastard and take down any men in black suits!” she ordered.

“As is Men in Black? Are there any aliens around!?”

Seoul, South Korea
11: 08 pm.
DBSK Dorms

Jaejoong stifled a groan as he flopped down on the sofa, exhausted from all the chaos going around about the lawsuit. His stomach squirmed uncomfortably at the thought of the hearing and buried his head in a cushion. Junsu sauntered up to the arm chair and sat down, his eyes heavy as he just wanted to sleep but all the thoughts in his head prevented it. Yoochun mumbled about a bath and just disappeared down the hallway towards their shared bathroom, it had been a long day after all.

Changmin looked at his two hyungs in silent worry, he loved them both but he could do nothing to ease the pain they were feeling. Jaejoong slowly sat up on his knees and glanced over at Changmin with a tired smile, “I heard you started filming your drama, good job Minnie” he said. Junsu smiled from his seat and gave the youngest a thumb up.

The youngest looked at them both before he promptly burst into tears and ran over to the band umma and just hugged him tightly, Jaejoong was surprised but returned the hug. Junsu watched curiously as he stood up and moved towards the two who were now together on the couch, Changmin was sitting on Jaejoong’s lap, arms around his waist and face buried in the elder’s neck as he sobbed. Jaejoong cooed and rubbed Changmin’s back as if trying to calm down his tears.

“I d-don’t want us to break up, hyung!”

Jaejoong sighed and Junsu let out an exhausted giggle as he patted Changmin on his head, “We don’t either, Minnie. So let us try our best and stay together, okay? Jaejoong said even when his heart clenched painfully at the words but the youngest needed support as well. They had all gone through so much and couldn’t risk anything now.

Suddenly, the door banged open.

The three occupants on the couch jumped as Changmin slipped and fell to the ground with a soft yelp. Yunho locked the door and made a beeline to the couch and grabbed the remote, “Look what’s going on!” he said out of breath as he switched on the television and sat down on the other side of Jaejoong as Changmin grumbled and adjusted his seat so he sat between Jaejoong’s legs, facing the television.

The channel flickered to the late news channel. A woman stood in front of a burning building, people screaming and running in the background. Junsu blinked at the sight and glanced at their leader, “What’s going on?” he asked but Changmin shushed him and crawled a bit closer to the television.


The other two gasped and moved closer to the screen and stared as their company’s main building was being burned down, Yunho frowned and sat beside them with the remote in his hands. The woman in the television smiled nervously as she glanced back at the building and then back at the camera.

“We are live in front of the most successful entertainment company, SME. As you can see the whole building had been set on fire, quite unknown by what had started it but it is to be said that the dedicated Cassiopeians of the boy band, TVXQ have declared war on the company due to the conflicts with the lawsuit between the boys and the company.”

“What are you guys---Whoa is that SME?” Yoochun mumbled as he sat down beside them and stared at the screen with wide eyes as the others nodded, their eyes never moved from the screen.

There was a sound of glass shattering from above as the camera turned up to reveal six figures dressed in black climb down the side of the building which was not on fire. They seemed to carrying a bulky bag as the reporter shouted over the screams. One of the figures noticed the camera once all of them reached the ground and waved, before she helped her troops toss the bag into a black van.

The reporter squeaked when she realized that she was now surrounded by hordes of fan girls/boys as the microphone was ripped from her grasp. A smile was on the girls face as she shoved the reporter away, the camera man stayed where he was because he was frozen in fear.

“Ah! Oppas? I’m sure you’re watching this! We just wanted to show you that we always have your back!”

The troops from earlier returned with wide grins behind their masquerade masks, they took the microphone and recited their shouts out to the boy band each before they disgruntled reporter got to them.

“Dong Bang oppas must always keep smiles and fight for what they believe in!”

“Dong Bang Shin Ki will always be 5 and no one can change that!”

“Cassies will always love you and wish you the utmost luck! Please be healthy!”

“You guys have been through a lot together! Don’t give up hope! We haven’t so you shouldn’t either!”

“You’re more than idols! You’re role models to fans all around the world! Keep fighting!”

“Dong Bang shall never be replaced! They shall remain as five and will always stay together if we something to with it!”


The camera shook slightly as cheers, screams and cries pierced the night air. The Cassies were extremely dedicated as some E.L.Fs raised their fists and chanted ‘Hwaiting’ as well. The reporter grabbed her microphone just as sirens filled the air.


All the fans dashed away quickly as the troops got into the van and drove away before the police and firefighters could get to the scene.

“Well that is all I believe. This is Mi Cha signing off!”

The news switched to a commercial as the Dong Bang boys just stared blankly at the screen and slumped back. Yunho was the first to snap out of their shock, “Wow” he muttered as the other followed his example. “Our fans…” Junsu whimpered as he started crying, completely touched by the way their fans stood up for them and showed them their support.

“…Our fans are quite scary” Yoochun said with a shaky laugh, still in shock by the sudden action. The other four nodded in agreement, “But…we love them nonetheless, right?” Jaejoong said as they all smiled and let out soft laughs in agreement.

They all had faint idea what or who was in that bag.

Seoul, South Korea
12:23 pm
Unknown Warehouse…

LSM groaned softly and opened his eyes to see darkness, as he tensed and shifted in his seat only to find out that been tied up to uncomfortable chair. He heard a shuffle and a few curses, “W-whose there?!” he shouted but his voice wavered as suddenly there was a chorus of laughter.

“You should’ve listened to us, old man.”

LSM twitched and glared at the direction the voice came from, “You’re that brat that sent the note” he hissed. He winced as the blindfold around his eyes was harshly ripped off; he narrowed his eyes to get it used to the dim red light. A couple girls stood around him, all dressed in black and wearing masks similar to the ones ShiNee wore during ‘Juliette’.

“I believe you are in no position to speak” sneered the eldest one from the side, in a flashy green mask. LSM snorted and turned his head away only to be bonked in the head by the one with the purple mask, “Its rude to look away when someone is talking to you” she muttered as she edged back to the shadows. The leader of the group cackled and tossed a piece of garlic up and down, watching LSM squirm under her graze, “You have some nerve, Mr. Lee Soo Man. Threatening to replace our boys…” she muttered as she stopped tossing.

“We have other ways to convince you other wise” replied one with an orange mask as LSM tensed; a trickle of fear ran up his spine. The cat-like smirks that decorated each of the females’ faces meant trouble as LSM swallowed his fear and glared. Even though he was cowering on the inside.

“Damnit Nikki! Put that wrench down! We aren’t killing him!”


A/N: Fufu~
What do you guys think?

I would like to thank to the following:

Ji Na – Because she started the whole ‘World War III’
May [xiahdreams]
Trisha [bubblegum_pop]
Donnie [ask me! 8D]
Nikki [Ryina ’O8]
Author of ‘ATTENTION ANTI-DBSK!!!!!’ – I dunno who you are D=
And others – The others who participated in the talk =D

Okay I think I’m done =D



Thanks Navi
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PostSubject: Re: World War III: Attack Of The Cassies   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:03 pm

My Minnie is so poor...Minnie come to me, I'll protect you.
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Tammy <3 DBSK


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PostSubject: Re: World War III: Attack Of The Cassies   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:04 pm

Sachie wrote:
My Minnie is so poor...Minnie come to me, I'll protect you.

i know
he cried
but anyway...
i was just a little bummed that i wasnt in the action
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Ji Na

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PostSubject: Re: World War III: Attack of the Cassies   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:27 am

I have been watching this site for a while !
When I saw World War III I was like : OoO
Good writer = Navi unni <3
Hwaiting unni ^^
Saranghaeyo ~
Ji Na
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PostSubject: Re: World War III: Attack Of The Cassies   Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:01 am

LOL, this makes me fear casseiopia ;
i'm pretty sure the fans would do that LOL
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PostSubject: Re: World War III: Attack Of The Cassies   Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:17 pm

nice one!!!AHAHA
love it....
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PostSubject: Re: World War III: Attack Of The Cassies   

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World War III: Attack Of The Cassies
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