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February 2019
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 DBSK Shock: 'Insiders vs. Fans'- Two different views

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PostSubject: DBSK Shock: 'Insiders vs. Fans'- Two different views   Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:00 pm

Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky YooChun, and Xiah
Junsu, members of popular group DBSK has filed a provisional
disposition to free themselves from their contract with SM. This case
has many insiders and fans curious to what will happen.
DBSK is an
idol group popular not only in Korea but in all of Asia. DBSK has
continued to show their outstanding relationship with SM. The three
members have thanked Lee Soo Man, the president of SM, multiple times
when they received awards.
There are two very different opinions
looking onto this situation, ‘The DBSK affairs.’ The 2 opinions are
from producers and from fans.

On July 31st, the three members
filed a provisional disposition to stop the effects of their contract
with SM. DBSK fans immediately responded that this was SM’s fault.
These assertions became stronger when the three members revealed
official reports. The 3 members used expressions such as ’13 years
contract,’ ‘album sales 0.4%-1% earnings division,’ ‘SM’s tools for
profit’ in order to express their wishes to get away from SM’s
restraint. In response, the complaints by the fans increased. Some fans
even posted the situation when HOT disbanded in 2001 to criticize SM.

However, most of the staffs in the music industry are presenting very different opinions.
high-ranking staff in an entertainment company refuted the assertions
made by the 3 members, stating that these actions were too haste and is
an act of betrayal to SM.
This staff stated on the 4th, opened with
his opinion about the 13 years contract. “For people who are not in the
entertainment industry, they will say that a 13 years contract is a
slave contract. But it is because they don’t know the realities of the
entertainment business.”

He stated, “the group DBSK that made
its debut in 2004 is in this position because they were extremely
successful for their 5 years after debut. If they were not able to
attract the attentions of the fans, they would have been thankful that
SM would be in charge of them for 13 years. The 3 members of DBSK must
have not been 100% sure about their future success, so they probably
agreed to sign for 13 years as a way of insurance.”
He also stated,
“SM stated on the 3rd that DBSK was paid 11 billion won for the last 5
years in addition to foreign cars as bonus. Following this, DBSK were
not ill-treated. There is probably not one SM staff who gets paid 100
million won every year for taking part into making DBSK a great success.

the other hand in the midst of all this, DBSK fans and the majority of
the music industry agree that they are against DBSK disbandment. DBSK
is a big influence to not only Korean teenagers but is an important
part of the Korean Wave.

Therefore, it is important that the 3
members of DBSK and SM settle their differences. Because SM holds some
rights for DBSK as a team, continuation of DBSK will be difficult
unless the 3 members reconcile their differences with SM. In addition
to this problem, the two other members of DBSK, have not participated
in the current lawsuit, and have expressed that they would stay with SM.
situation requires SM and DBSK’s 3 members to make wise decisions in
order to have a ‘win-win’ situation,considering many aspects.

Article Credits: Gil Hye Sung reporter @ Real Time Entertainment News
Translation Credits: j.adore @ Soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights
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DBSK Shock: 'Insiders vs. Fans'- Two different views
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