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February 2019
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 What happen To all the SM singers!!!!!

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PostSubject: What happen To all the SM singers!!!!!   Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:44 pm

Shocking Facts
1. Violence
Once, the youngest member in a group went on stage with a mask. People revealed that he was seriously beaten up by the recording company the day before and his face was really in a bad condition. But still, he had to go on stage and tell the fans that he fell down in the bathroom. Another member from the same group had an injection before going on stage of their major concert. That was because the company hit him till he broke his bones, but it was impossible to cancel the concert, so he had to have that injection. And the concert wasn't like others, which is one show per day, but it was twice a day ~That was Shinhwa's Andy & Junjin
2. Money factor
There was a group in Korea who was famous in all of Asia. When they went to China, the fans there them loads of gifts. In the end, fans basically started giving food instead, because for them, food is the most important thing. While they were resting backstage, people saw them and the whole place was pretty messy with food packages all over. They don't usually get to eat nice food because of the irresponsible company. Most of the artists come as a group and after splitting the money, they're left with very little. And the money had to be used for investments in other performances. They take in thousands of young talents and train them for years. While training, the kids have to pay for their living and they won't get a single cent. The thing is, the chances of being an artists is lower than the chances of getting into Harvard University. As they grow a bit older, they'll probably be some background dancers with very little pay. ~ The group is H.O.T.

3. Andy
One of the most famous issues about him is the 'mask' issue. He was beaten by Lee Soo Man and had to wear a mask while performing. The company announce that he fell down in the bathroom and had 8 stitches. Secondly, Andy was forced to leave Shinhwa and return to America, but with the fans insisting and Shinhwa members' unity, he finally got to return to the group. Third incident, Andy took in 6 over headache pills and tried to take his own life. It happened on 22nd March, because he got rejected from a university and he wasn't allow to go out of Korea due to national service incident. Thankfully his family heard his cry and rushed him to the hospital. But when he reached the hospital, he insisted not to get treatment even after his mother & grandmother begging him. The doctor in the end had to do it with force.

4. JTL
After JTL left SM, even after they released 2 albums, they didn't get to perform properly. All their tight schedules were cancelled by SM, and their MVs weren't shown on TV at all. Jang Woohyuk from JTL once written in his diary that they were supposed to be very busy because it was the promotional season, but they were very free and doing nothing the whole day.

Actually the incident where Changmin got beaten is true. Lee Sooman wanted a female artist to be famous, so he wanted her to have rumors with Changmin in order to get popular. Changmin rejected it sternly, and LSM got really mad, so he asked other people to beat him up. He even stood there saying,"As long as you don't beat him till death." Changmin returned to the hostel and the 4 of them were there. Jaejoong nearly cried seeing Changmin's bad condition. There was another time where Lee Sooman forced Changmin to work 3 days 3 nights without rest. He got a fever as high as 38 degree celcius the next day and he didn't tell anyone about it. Lee Sooman insisted him to perform, and on the 3rd day, he fainted. The 4 of them cried. Another time where Yunho & Jaejoong got beaten by LSM and it was really terrible, Changmin kneeled down crying and begging LSM to stop beating the guys. Yoochun cried on stage once and nearly got beaten up by LSM but he got saved by Kim Dongwan as he asked the 4 of them to stay close to Yoochun to protect him. Jaejoong got beaten once till his mouth was bleeding but he had to say that he fell down accidentally. Changmin once said that the reason why he was beaten by LSM and why he was always kneeling is to beg for the rest. LSM wanted to kick 1 of the members out but Changmin insisted that if he really have to kick one of them out, he would leave as well. In Changmin's drama, Snow Flower, he was supposed to film a "bed scene" with the female lead, Go Ara. As Changmin wasn't experienced enough, (even he had not kissed before) he insisted not to film that particular scene. Lee Soo Man was very angry and he immidiately slapped Changmin really really hard when they are on the set in front of everyone because he wanted Changmin to film it but still, Changmin continued to reject that scene so, the directors had no choice but to remove that scene.
5. Shinhwa
It was said that in order for Shinhwa to leave SM but still keeping the name, Eric's family paid a huge sum of money for that. Shinhwa need to pay SM for being able to keep their name and continue singing their old songs and even now, SM sometimes lets this current singers, like Super Junior sing Shinhwa’s old songs.
Random Facts
**When Boa was still in training, SM's owner, Lee Soo Man, made H.O.T and Shinhwa members teach her how to dance, sing. (this was about summer of 2000) HOT and Shinhwa members were so busy with their own schedules, yet they still had to teach her. When Boa got impatient or was frustrated.....the members would too......but Lee Soo Man always favored Boa, and the extreme was that Lee Soo Man would hit (physically) the H.O.T and Shinhwa members
**Lee Soo Man favored the most popular out of the group. For ex. H.O.T Lee Soo Man asked Kangta and HeeJun secretly to re-sign with SM, before even their "H.O.T" contract ended. And kangta and heejun did, while leaving out the other 3 members.
**Lee Soo Man also under paid H.O.T. When H.O.T broke up (in May of 2001) there were news of how much they were paid in 4 years and 8 months (since HOT debuted in Sept. 1996) and it was damn surprising. I remember Woo Hyuk made about 54,000US per year which really is not alot, if you are a singer. Kangta and HeeJun made a lil bit more than that. And Jaewon made the least.
** DBSK rotation thing, so that was stupid move again made by Lee Soo Man.
**SM did not want to hire composers and writers, since they wanna save money, so made H.O.T members wrote their own music by the 3rd album. So in every way SM was trying to make the most money outta these groups, while spending the least on them.
**The stars don't get paid as much as many think they do. Like when you see a headline for example "BoA makes 80 Billion" or whatever, it's not entirely true. She doesn't even get 5% of the profit. None of it: the CF, concert, etc. It goes to SM and they use it to pay off other stuff.
** The rumors about singers in SM getting beat is true. Shinhwa and H.O.T are definitely two groups that were mistreated. DBSK were probably mistreated prior to their debut, when they were in training. They do this to ensure that these singers will become a big sucess by training them to make no mistakes. I think that's just sad.
**Lee soo man hits singers with BASEBALL BATS AND GOLF CLUBS!!!!
LSM made DBSG go on water diet, You know it mean that you lose weight by not eating ANYTHING and only drink water to keep you alive and walking,
**SM was training Shinhwa when they decided to just release HOT (an alternate band)and let them be a flop. I hear that Shinhwa's CD was postponed as HOT surprisingly enjoyed their success. When the success of their CDs died (although not by much), SM decided to sign the most popular members to make some profit but gave up on the whole "great success" thing. Then they released Shinhwa.
** SM singers only get 1% per cd, while all other gasoos get 17% - source – TIME MAGAZINE

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PostSubject: Re: What happen To all the SM singers!!!!!   Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:40 pm

He is unbelievbly greedy..
All he cares about is MONEY MONEY MONEY..
The well being of his artists.pfft..He doen't care one bit.
HE SHOULD! where would he be without them?
He is sly.very sly.
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What happen To all the SM singers!!!!!
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